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We offer Freightliner Cascadia accessories, including mirrors, mirror assembly parts, and lights. Our aftermarket Freightliner Cascadia mirrors include both main and wide-angle mirror lenses for door mirrors, as well as hood mirrors. We also carry electric door mirror assemblies and their various individual components, such as electric actuators, mirror assembly arms, and the mirror covers that protect the mirror itself.

The Freightliner Cascadia aftermarket parts we carry include LED lights, which consume less power and last longer than other lights. We carry Freightliner Cascadia headlight assemblies, side lamp LEDs, and front marker lamp LEDs.

All of these Freightliner Cascadia accessories are of critical importance to keeping you safe while on the road, and our top priority has always been safety. Beyond needing these items to see and to be seen, lighting and mirror issues are often among the most cited CSA violations.

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