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Dear Customer,

It has come to our attention over the past 6 months that we are seeing more and more vehicle components, especially Mirrors, creeping into the market that do not posses an “E” APPROVAL STAMP on them.

This stamp can in most cases be found on the back cover of a Mirror, however, can also be seen etched on any part of the Mirror structure.

Before a vehicle is introduced to the market, every new vehicle sold in the UK and Europe must pass the European Community (EC) Whole Vehicle Type Approval legislation. This certifies that the vehicle, its components, and the manufacturing facility it was built in, meet or exceed all required safety and environmental limits.

Type-approval regulations also apply to replacement parts that are seen as critical to the health and safety of pedestrians and vehicle occupants. They must undergo the same independent testing and certification process to ensure they function within acceptable margins. Fitting non-approved components is illegal in both the UK and Europe.

Here at Unitruck Ltd we hold certification known as COP (CONFORMITY OF PRODUCT). This certification confirms that all products manufactured and sold are rigorously checked for reflectivity, glass curvature as well as impact testing. This gives both Unitruck and our customers the security and knowledge that any parts supplied by us legally conform to Directive 2007/46/EC.

Buy with confidence and legal security. Do not be caught out!​