ERF was a British truck manufacturer. It was established in 1933 by Edwin Richard Foden from whose initials the company was named. Its factory in Middlewich closed in March 2002, and it was discontinued as a Brand by owner MAN in July 2007.

ERF Different Models

ERF’s final model range consisted of the ECT, ECM and ECL built on MAN’s production line in Munich (for heavy trucks), and a plant in Middlewich for light trucks, positioned to win a contract from the Ministry of Defence for 8,000 new British Armed Forces trucks. All the ERF trucks were based on MAN’s existing products, the only difference being that the ERF model came with the option of specifying the use of Cummins ISMe power plant.

This was as an alternative to MAN’s own D20 common rail power plant. The factory in Middlewich closed in March 2002, and the production of the ECT moved to Munich, Germany, ECM and ECL units moved to Steyr, Austria, where they are built on the same facilities as their identical MAN counterparts.

In the light of Cummins’ intransigence on upgrading the ISMe engine to comply with the Euro4 emission regulations, MAN initially decided to replace it completely with the new series of MAN D20 engines. With ERF badging used for only the market in the United Kingdom, MAN decided to cease supplying ERF badged trucks onwards from July 2007.

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