Powder Coating

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The Powder Coating Process

Here at Unitruck we are proud to offer a high quality Powder coating service to all our customers.

Degreesing machine

First we start with the degreasing process using the latest in deep cleaning machines.

We offer either vapour degreasing or water wash degreasing alternatives for the start of the process. Whilst water wash degreasing is preferred by our clients for its environmental credentials it is not always suitable for the products on hand.

Powder Coating Main Door

Our facility has the capacity to coat items up to 200 x 150cm. We can handle a large range of sizes.

Common materials we process include:
Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel and most Steel Alloy Variants.

Powder Coating Temperature Terminal

Next we bring the items into our clean room for powder coating. Utilising waterfall air cleaning technology we hang the cleaned items on hooks and then use our powder coating guns to spray your chosen colour and texture onto the items we’ve hung.

We offer a wide variety of colours for powder coating, we are also able to colour match if you can provide a sample.

Powder Coating Room

After applying all of the colour and texture we move the hooks onto the stoving racks ready for transport into our curing oven.This process is repeated until either the racks are full or the planned jobs are finished.

Curing Oven

After the items have finished in the curing oven we bring them out for cooling, collection and storage.