Our Engineers

Here at Unitruck we pride ourselves on not only having an excellent engineering facility, but top-class Unitruck engineers too. Our engineers manufacture the mirror arms you will see on almost every public bus in all cities across the United Kingdom. In addition, we also manufacture OE bespoke projects from electric postal vehicles to Ski mobiles.

The Unitruck engineers are extremely passionate about providing our customers within the commercial vehicle sector with quality solutions that will dramatically increase safety on the roads. During the height of the COVID 19 Pandemic our dedicated engineers also contributed to the NHS demand for Oxygen trolleys.

When you choose us for your truck mirrors or lighting needs, you can be comforted with the peace of mind that our engineers have expertly crafted all of our products, so that the quality is never compromised.

List of our machines and facilities:

Explore the list of machines and facilities that allow our engineers to carry out the quality work that they do below:

  • 2 x SOCO SB38NCMP – NC mandrel tube bending machines, Full range of tooling from 14mm-30mm OD
  • Amada HFE 5020 – 7 Axis CNC press brake
  • Kingsland Multi 70 Steelworker
  • 2 x Worcester 6ton mechanical presses
  • Hare 7bs hydraulic press
  • Axminster BS150x2000 Linisher
  • WARCO BS Drilling and tapping Machine
  • 2 x Axminster Bench Drills
  • Epple Pedestal Drill
  • High Speed M4-M24 tapping arm
  • JASIC 350S Multi process Welding Machine
  • BOC 250CMig welding Machine
  • R-Tec Plasma Cutter (25mm cutting capacity)
  • Colchester student gap bad lathe with DRO
  • Bridgeport universal turret milling machine with DRO
  • In house Degreasing and Powder coating plant utilising Gema Optiflex powder applicators
  • Atlas Copco GX4 air compressor
  • ICS TAE EVO031 Chiller Unit
  • Solidworks/Visualize Cad software
  • Rapid access to Adige and Trumpf Laser cutting technology for tube and sheet cutting.

For more info and enquiries regarding our Unitruck engineering facility or any of our products or services, email us: info@unitruck.co.uk


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