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LED Strip Lights For Trucks

Here at Unitruck, as part of our extensive aftermarket truck lighting and mirror range, we are extremely proud to provide our customers with high-quality LED strip lights for trucks. Whether you are looking to replace damaged strip lights, or if you would like to add them to your truck to provide you with additional safety, we can help.

Types Of LED Strip Lights For Trucks We Offer

We currently offer two types of LED strip lights, which includes LED strip reversing and indicating lights. Both of these allow those both on the road, and pedestrians to be fully aware of your next move, which maximises your and their overall safety, making them an extremely worthwhile addition to your truck.

Are you interested in ordering our LED strip indicating or reversing lights? Order with us today.

See all of our LED strip lights for trucks below:

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  • Universal LED Strip Indicator Light 24V

    Aftermarket Truck Lighting £9.99 Add to basket
  • Universal LED Strip Reversing Light 24V

    Aftermarket Truck Lighting £9.99 Add to basket