VOLVO – Unitruck


Volvo Trucks is a Swedish car manufacturer the history of which started in 1928 when the first truck was produced. The company is a part of Volvo concern. It is one of the world’s leaders in production of high loading capacity vehicles. Factories are in Sweden, Belgium, Russia, the USA, Brazil, South Africa, India, Thailand, Australia, Morocco, Tunis, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, China.

The manufacturer offers cab chassis trucks and tractor units which are used together with semi-trailers, and also vehicles for building works. Particularly, dump trucks with 6×4, 6×6, 8×4 axle configuration are available. If you need to increase the allowed gross combination weight, then the truck with 5 axles will be a good solution. It is usable as a concrete mixer, fire-fighting vehicle, car lift, crane. Moreover, garbage trucks are produced under this brand.

I-Shift robotic gearbox. It is the company’s in-house development. The system’s key element is an electronic control unit. It analyses information about speed, torque, weight of the truck and about the road surface. Based on these data the control unit performs every gear shifting with a high precision. If desired, the driver can shift the gear manually. I-Shift contributes to fuel saving.

High safety level. Particularly, the FH, FM and FMX models are equipped with the driver alert system which monitors his behaviour during driving. When noticing that the driver has become less attentive, the system warns him and offers to have a rest. If you decide to continue driving and then get another warning, cruise control will be switched off. It will stimulate you to be more attentive during driving.

Eco-friendliness. Up to 95% of Volvo trucks components are recyclable. Moreover, the brand’s trucks are notable for energy efficiency. Innovative functions which contribute to low fuel consumption are used in them. For example, I-See system which controls speed and gear shifting by efficiently using the car’s inertia.


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