Driving Tips That All Semi-Truck Drivers Should Know

Driving Tips That All Semi-Truck Drivers Should Know

Developing safe driving habits will help you protect yourself and everyone else on the road around you. After learning a few driving tips, you’ll be able to handle both short and long hauls with ease. Here are a few driving tips that all semi-truck drivers should know.

Maintain Your Spacing

When you drive any vehicle on the road, you should maintain adequate spacing between you and other vehicles. Driving too close to a smaller vehicle at high speeds is dangerous for you and the other driver. However, slowing down and leaving too much space can put you behind schedule. It’s best to maintain a comfortable distance from other vehicles during your trip to keep everyone safe.

Watch Your Blind Spots

Occasionally, vehicles will sneak into your blind spots and become difficult to see. Before switching lanes, always use your truck mirrors to view your surroundings, then check your blind spots. You should also check your blind spots when you pull out of a parking space or gas station to prevent any dangerous encounters from occurring.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

The weather will help you determine how to drive your truck. During cold, icy conditions, slow down significantly and take your time on the road. On the other hand, you can usually relax and drive your vehicle at normal speeds on warm summer evenings. If you run into high winds, you’ll need to maintain a firm grip on the wheel and proceed with caution. So before you go on a trip, keep an eye on the weather and adjust your driving accordingly.

Slow Down for Turns and Curves

The last driving tip that all semi-truck drivers should know is to slow down for turns and curves. Although small sports cars may be able to make tight turns at high speeds, it’s extremely dangerous to do so in semi-trucks. Since semi-trucks are larger and heavier, it’s best to slow down for turns and curves to prevent flipping over.

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