UK Direct Vision Standard and HGV Safety Permit

Did you know that from October 2024 the Direct Vision Standard requirements will be updated in London?

“The Mayor of London is committed to the aim of making London’s streets safer, including through his ambition to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries from London’s streets by 2041 as part of Vision Zero.”

The progressive safe system summary
If you need to enter London with a HGV over 12 tonnes you will be need to have a three star safety system rating or higher. The key things you need to have are:

  1. A camera monitoring system must be in place to completely eliminate the blind spots on the nearside of your vehicle.
  2. Class V and Class VI mirrors (or cameras) must be fitted to the front and and sides of the vehicle. These must comply with UNECE Regulation 46.
  3. A electric blind spot information system with active sensors is required. Any vehicle that complies with UNECE Regulation 151 will comply with this.
  4. A ‘moving off’ system must be fitted to the front to warn the driver of other road users. If your vehicle complies with UNECE Regulation 159 you will meet this requirement.
  5. Side under-run protection must be fitted to both sides of the vehicle, except where this is demonstrably impractical. This equipment must be fitted in compliance with UNECE Regulation 73 on lateral protection devices.
  6. A manoeuvring alert must be fitted to provide an hearable warning to road users when a vehicle is turning left.
  7. External pictorial stickers and markings must be displayed on vehicles to provide adequate visual warning to vulnerable road users of the hazards present around the vehicle.

All of our Unitruck Class V and Class mirrors cover the requirements set out in Regulation 46 so you can sit comfortably knowing that you are covered on point 2 should you need to be.

Christina Calderato, TfL’s director of transport strategy and policy, added: “We’re determined to make roads safer for everyone and are committed to Vision Zero, the Mayor’s goal to eliminate death and serious injury from the transport network.”



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“It’s vital that all vehicles using London’s roads have safety at the forefront of their design and our world-first Direct Vision Standard has helped to significantly improve lorry safety, reducing fatal collisions where vision is a contributing factor by three quarters between 2018 and 2023.

“We will continue to take every possible measure to eradicate deaths and serious injuries from our roads and enhancing the safe systems for HGVs will help us do so.”

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