‘Slalom and a ball on a car’ challenge

As a part of our working life sometimes we get to visit truck, bus and car trade shows or events. On this occasion Warren, (Unitruck’s Engineering Manager), got to participate in a race event.

To see the event you can watch Napa’s Challenge #5 here

To start a ball is placed in a bowl on the hood of the car. The car is then driven by each contestant around the track in a slalom. Should the contestants driving not be smooth the ball will come out of the bowl and they will have to:

  • Stop the car
  • Apply the handbrake
  • Get out of the car
  • Replace the ball
  • Return to continue driving

The three contestants with the best time around the slalom track received a prize.

Congratulations to Warren on his win, looks like it’ll take a lot of polishing to keep shiny!

The trophy at home, pride of place with his other Napa event souvenirs.

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