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4 Signs You Need New Headlights for Your Truck

Research shows that 40% of accidents in the UK happen when it is dark, and over 30% of drivers dread driving at night.

Driving a truck at night is challenging. It gets worse if your headlights are not performing at their level best. However, with new headlights or headlamps that are in pristine condition, you tend to have a more pleasant night driving experience.

Your truck’s headlights deteriorate over time due to hostile climatic conditions and wear and tear. What’s more, is that faulty or old headlamps have reduced functionality. They can let you down when you need them most.

Fortunately, headlights are not prone to failing abruptly and without any prior warning signs. This post outlines critical signs that your headlights are about to fail.

Your Trucks’ Headlights Appear Dim

When your truck’s headlights are at their optimum performance, visibility is hardly an issue during your nighttime drive. However, your headlights lose their touch as they age. As a result, they become dim and unreliable.

Your headlights will appear dim due to two reasons. First off, they could have a build-up of dirt and grime that will limit their performance. Usually, cleaning them should remedy this problem, but if the issue persists, the best approach is to replace the headlamps.

The other reason is aging. If your headlights are quickly approaching the end of their lifespan, there isn’t much you can do to keep them going. Purchasing new truck lights is the only solution to this problem.

Flickering Truck lights

When your headlight’s bulb is damaged or worn out, your lights no longer produce a stable light. Instead, they tend to flicker. Normally, this is a sign that your headlamps will fail at any time.

If your truck lights are flickering, you should call in a technician to take a look at them. Sometimes the problem could be emanating from a faulty connection that your mechanic can easily fix.

Other times, the issue could be more significant, and the only remedy is to replace your headlights. When sourcing headlamps, look for a brand that you can buy with confidence.

Failed Single Headlight

Burn out of a single headlamp bulb is a common problem. Although it may be difficult to notice, it is one of the signs of headlights that have seen their better days.

When one headlight is not working properly, you have to replace both of them. Otherwise, you will encounter similar problems with the other one, sooner or later. Moreover, truck lights age at the same rate.

So, if one of your truck’s headlight bulbs has failed, you should replace the pair soonest possible.

Blown Fuses

Sometimes, problematic headlights cause other issues such as blown fuses. If this is your current predicament, take your truck to a technician, and they will get to the bottom of the matter.

In case it is a wiring problem, your technician will repair it. If the issue is resulting from a faulty headlight that is beyond repair, you will need new truck lights.

Types of Truck Headlights

Upgrading your truck is a continuous process. Once you realize that your truck lighting has reached the end of the road, it is time to purchase new headlamps.

The market offers many different types of headlights. As a result, choosing the best truck lights can be challenging. The four main types of headlights or automotive bulbs are;

• Halogen
• Xenon/HID
• Laser

If you are wondering which are the best truck lights, here is a quick breakdown. The objective is to help you choose the most suitable headlamps.


Halogen headlamps consist of a pair of filaments, which work hand in hand. Together, they provide full and dim light functions.

These are tungsten filaments that are usually enclosed in a glass cover. The cover contains a small amount of halogen and inert gas.

The gas allows the bulbs to produce bright light without developing the blackening effect inside the bulb’s walls. Modern trucks use halogen headlamps. These truck lights are not only affordable but also durable when you source them from a renowned brand.

The lifespan of halogen bulbs ranges from 450-to 1000 hours.


Light-emitting diodes (LED) headlamps produce a reliable and bright light that’s referred to as electroluminescence. The technology behind these headlights allows manufacturers to design stylish car lighting. Moreover, they can illuminate up to a mile without blinding on-coming motorists.

LED headlamps are some of the most energy-efficient lights that you can install in your truck. Nonetheless, their price is much higher than that of halogen headlights. These lights do not overheat quickly and they can last up to 30,000 hours.


These are high-intensity discharge lights. You will mostly find them in high-end trucks. The technology behind them combines argon and xenon gas coupled with vaporized metals. As a result, they provide high quality and bright light.

Xenon lights take time before hitting their maximum output. Also, they can easily blind on-coming motorists and this could be hazardous to other drivers.

The lifespan of Xenon/HID headlamps is 10,000 hours.


Laser headlamps are not common. The technology behind is still new. They produce light by triggering a series of chemical reactions.

In terms of efficiency, laser lights perform better than LED headlamps. Also, they consume less energy. The best part is that these lights adapt to the environment quickly and they are far-reaching.

Laser lights are pricy and most automakers are yet to start installing them in their vehicles. Additionally, they have an impressive 50,000 hours lifespan.

Looking for New Headlights?

Quality headlights will undoubtedly make your life on the road much easier during the night. Besides, there is a wide array of new headlights that you can choose from.

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